i)​ RESCUE is where the system starts with the rescue of animals in distress or in need of rehoming through abandonment, neglect, abused or through inexperienced owners or owners who become ill or a financial crisis which prevents them from caring for the animal/s to a satisfactory level of care.
Some of the animals have been knowing neglected or abused but some have been
unknowingly neglected through ignorance and wrong advice of the owner.

ii) ​REHABILITATION ​The animals that are taken into our care are put into 28 day isolation .
They are given a basic health / behavioural assessment and if no serious issues they are allowed to settle in to the new environment for several days with basic daily care. They are given a more intensive health / behavioural assessment and a rehabilitation programme is designed to work on any health or behavioural issues that we have been Informed of by owner / rescuer or that we have found during the assessment.
The minimum rehabilitation is 28 days if the animal has no health or behavioural issues. This is to ensure the animal is clear of any infectious disease which may not be fully visible on arrival or which may become apparent through stress.
The rehabilitation can be over several months or may be ongoing process which the animal may never fully recover to full health.

iii) ​REHOME We try to rehome animals when they have been assessed, rehabilitated to ensure we have space to take in more animals.
​Potential New homes ​are checked to ensure the new owner has the experience and facilities to properly care for the animals on a longterm basis.
Animals are rehomed on a loan agreement so if ever the animal cannot be cared for to a satisfactory standard then the animals can be returned to the charity.

iv) ​RETIREMENT of animals at the centre is an option if needed for the animals health.

v) ​NOTE​ We occasionally have to make the decision to have the animal euthanised if they have issues that are incurable or make the animal a danger to itself or others.