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Rescue Cases

Sam & Listelle & Mary Howe Found guilty of animal abuse & neglect of several animals and sentenced inc a ban on keeping any animals.

Arab mare went on loan with another horse. Stud has been found guilty of various animal neglect since this mare was rescued

Mare + filly rescued from welsh stud in neglected state teeth growing into jaw. both rehomed to family homes.
Zarina rehomed at embryo transfer centre as had shoulder injury as foal. retired when injury reappeared,
Marley sadly killed from neighbour feeding barrowloads of grass clippings unbeknown to us
rescued from run down closed zoo. severe liver/kidney issues from being fed inappropriate feed,.
lived fabulous spoilt life for several years then 1 suddenly had heart attack and pal died shortly after

Kelly Had been rehomed by owner through VHS but he had been incorrectly handled and person was scared of his erratic behaviour. He had been moved from his lifelong home into a unknown place with unknown people and his fear had been taken as aggression. he was later found to have a brain tumour and he was pts as he became too dangerous to handle.