As a registered established enterprise / charity we offer a sustainable, secure future

from a financial perspective income will be put back inand not taken as profit 

We are on organisation sites where we can obtain free building materials, supplies etc

Income generation                                                                                                    

The strategic management of  fundraising is undertaken by Trustees / volunteers

Government / Agricultural / Environmental / Company / Charity grants

Rental income from hiring out rare breeds for media / promotions 

Farm shop sales

Fundraising events at farm + offsite locations

Payments for courses / sessions / animal visits / workshops / activities 

Cash + Goods Donations from individuals + companies

Promotion / Merchandise / Animal sponsorship

Animal + Animal enclosure sponsorship

Personal video message via email

Direct appeals

Legacy gifts

Internet based sales / local market + stalls at events Farmers markets + Produce / Craft shows

Selling  donated goods that we are unable to utilise and therefore provide extra funds

Local business involvement / sponsorship

Local community events  with local business, volunteers,  Inc emergency services

Annual open days for special diary events

Non-Financial DONATED SUPPORT SAVE – REUSE – RECYCLE                                                 

Waste vegetables/toppings etc fed to animals -( not from kitchen or for food chain animals)

ii) animal manure for growing vegetables.

iii) household containers for planting seeds and plants ( locals can bring in)

iv) paper shredding service to use as animal bedding

● Collect shredded paper / newspapers from companies / visitors to use as bedding

● Collect aluminium cans / Ink cartridges / Mobile phones for recycling

Companies offering FREE items

Local business involvement / sponsorship / Corporate Support

We will  develop a sustainable approach to income generation through development of a Fundraising Strategy in respect of 1 off / regular donations.

Corporate Support                                                                                                               

Companies can sponsor a large or small project at the charity

Buildings, fencing, animal enclosures

Marquee or Gazebo for use at farm or outside events

Supply of Feed, Forage or Bedding

Volunteer health & safety personalised clothing

Personalised equipment for animals to wear at events

Supply or Printing of leaflets, activity packs, posters, banners

Show schedules, tickets, vouchers

Supply rosettes,sashes,trophies for fundraising events.

Supply of raffle, or winner/placing prices /vouchers etc

Sponsors receive – Company logo & name on media and at farm

Charity accounts ( available for public viewing on charity commission page)           

(note this was with no main income due to covid and no farm payments )

Charity Accounts      07/02/23   07/02/2022  07/02/2021 07/02/2020

Total gross income         £21.12      £22.94k      £19.18k       £7.73k

Total expenditure           £21.09      £22.65k       £23.18k       £7.73k             

Government grants                                            £  2. 5k