COVID 19 crisis… CAN YOU DONATE???

As a animal charity we cannot just close. No matter what is happening in the UK / world  the animals still indeed caring for 24/7 – 365 days a year. Inc health / dental treatment, worming, anti-parasite treatment, vaccinations etc We rescue Equines, Livestock & Large & small animals. We offer animal therapy and education to vulnerable people and members of the public.

Covid 19 has had a massive raise in requests to help people with their animals due to health issues or financial issues caused by the pandemic CAN YOU MAKE A DONATION TO HELP US RAISE FUNDS? We have survived several months of unpredictable unusual weather. Drought 2018/2019 Which made animal feed and bedding in short supply and expensive Flooding 2019  We had to relocate premises 3 times due to premises flooding. We lost animal bedding,forage and feed due to flooded premises. Fundraising events were cancelled due to floods. Australian Bush fires 2019/2020 People were donating to this massive disaster rather than smaller charities. Brexit reduced peoples donations due to insecurity of their jobs/future. We had planned to attend several large events in 2020  inc large event  sponsor us as their chosen charity. We have not been able to attend any education / therapy visits which brings finances  into our charity. ALL cancelled due to Covid19  The spring/summer is when we have our main fundraising events and 2020 was planned to being our biggest fundraising events. All our reserve funds have  been swallowed up with paying for the weather and economic events of 2019/2021 We have had loans from friends to help us but due to people being unsure of the financial position due to corvid19 they are no longer able to help. Animal charities are the forgotten sector in covid19 but  are invaluable in picking up the pieces of animals needing rehoming  through this crisis. Animals are being neglected and abused and abandoned this will get worse when people realise they don’t want or cannot cope with their animals when they start work.