Forever Safe



The special bond we have with our pets can never be replaced.

But you will  find it reassuring to know that, should you pass away before them, 

HMH can give your Special animals the unconditional love and care they need whilst we either care for them longterm / permanently at the charity 

Or  Find them a secure loving new home. With the safety of always coming back to the charity if the new home can no longer care for them.

Forever Safe 

Is a special service giving peace of mind that, should the worst happen, 

HMH will be there to care for and/or securely  rehome your beloved pets.

It’s a simple thing to do:

When making or amending your Will, state that you want 

HOOFPRINTS MINIATURE HAVEN to be informed of death and they are needed to collect and care for your beloved animals ASAP.

Get in touch on 07957133666

to register your pet.

Inform friends, family or other relevant people that you have made arrangements for your pet to come to HMH.

You may also consider displaying a notice in your home giving your pets’ details and your wishes for their care.